How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

#13 When the room’s a-rockin’, don’t come a-knockin’…..

Ok. Everybody lighten up! Laugh a little. 😂 My title was supposed to make you smile. I realize this is a heavy topic. One that deserves to be spoken of with dignity and honor. But let me let you in on the best secret; when you do the hard work of laying the foundation for this topic, it can become the most joy-filled, funny, life-giving, God-honoring topic to discuss with your kids. Some of my favorite laughs and sweetest talks have stemmed from talking to our kids about sex.

Furthermore, if we believe God created and the world corrupted, if we believe sex is good and right, then why are we pretending that as married couples we aren’t having sex? Maybe, in all honesty, because some of you aren’t having sex, and that’s another series for another day. The world is not hesitating at all to flaunt their ideas about sex, but as parents, we hush, and sneak, and lie, and dodge, and cover up our sexual relationship as if it’s some contagious and horrific disease. Again, I’m not suggesting running around your home making crude and vile announcements about your marriage bed, but I have NO problem with my children understanding that when our bedroom door is locked, the message is clear, “Your father and I don’t want you in our room!” And the reasons for that can be endless. We are talking, we are “talking” 😏, you are driving us crazy and we are protecting you from near death, we are changing, we are sitting in our closet talking about the days when we didn’t have children and we are trying to figure out where we went wrong in life, etc…etc… 😬

I want my children to have a clear, robust understanding that a healthy married life consists of a healthy sex life, and sex isn’t just for procreation. God created it for our enjoyment. But I also want the details of the marriage bed to remain a holy mystery for them to uncover with their spouse! It’s a tight rope, and we all just have to beg for wisdom. 

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