How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

God created, the world corrupted.

Julie Lowe, one of my favorite professors, drilled this idea in to my mind and I see a lot of parents forget this reality: sex was God’s idea and He said THAT IT WAS GOOD!

Many parents hesitate or delay talking to their children because they don’t want to, “ruin their innocence…”

I honestly felt that exact same way!

But here’s the catch, my friends. I’ve never hesitated to talk to my children about what God created. From the earliest of ages I’m whispering in their ear, “look at that beautiful moon God made!”, “look at that sunset God painted to show us His glory!”, “look at all those billions upon billions of stars and think about how God knows their names… and He knows YOUR name!”

But somehow when it comes to the topic of sex we get tight-lipped and stand-offish.

God created, the world corrupted.

Talking about sex does not take away from our child’s innocence. Yes, there is weight in walking through that door and realizing you can’t ever walk back through, but it’s a right of passage to walk through that door WITH our kids! WE should be the ones holding their hands and whispering in their ears, “Let me tell you about this good, right, and precious thing that God created…..”

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