How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

#4 Fill The Sponge

“At what age should I tell my kids about sex?” This is the most popular question parents want to know. If you’re looking for me to give you an exact age, it’s not going to happen. But I’m happy to tell you why we chose the ages we did, and give you some basic guidelines you should consider when thinking about what age you should tell your child about sex.

Remember, one of the goals is to TALK EARLY. All 4 of our kids were between the ages of 6-9 when we had our first actual conversation about sex, not just a conversation about body safety and the Cookie Monster. Here’s some of our thinking.

Kid’s brains are like dry sponges, and it was an important value/priority to us to be the ones who filled the sponge with knowledge, information, power, and truth. We wanted to be their #1 go-to not only when it came to their sex education, but really in all of life. We determined if we started young and filled their sponges with truth, loveliness, and security by the time ANYONE ELSE (peers, teachers, TV, books, movies etc…) started pouring knowledge into our little sponges, our kids’ brains would be saturated with a proper understanding and a foundational bedrock to stand on. And all other information would just roll off like water does when it’s trying to saturate an already full sponge. (For the record, I cannot take credit for this awesome analogy. I heard it somewhere, but honestly have no idea where. *Dear children, this is what we call avoiding plagiarism or a lawsuit. Cite your sources!*

Our children ARE going to learn about sex, the question is who is going to get to write the story first. We wanted to write this story! Not some uneducated joker on the playground. We wanted to be the first to share with our kids the beauty and design of sex. We wanted to equip them with the truth. We wanted them to be ahead of the curve, not behind.

Here’s to filling the sponge!

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