How To Talk To Your Kids About Sex

#9 What-If

Today is for all the parents who think they’ve missed the boat, and it’s too late to talk to their kids about sex.

Come so close so I can grab your face… IT’S NEVER TOO LATE!

“No, Sara…. You don’t understand! We haven’t done any of these things and our kids are nearly grown.”

Y’all, our kids learn from our mistakes far more than they learn from our successes. Humble yourself, go to your child, apology and open the conversation TODAY! I don’t care if your kid 14, 24, 34, 44, 54, 64, 74 (if you have a child that’s seventy-four and you’re still living, I want to know you!)

“But Sara, I don’t know what to say! It’ll be awkward to talk to my grown daughter, who has her own children, about sex!”

Start with, “I’m sorry!”

I’m sorry that we didn’t talk about sex while you were growing up. I’m sorry if it caused you pain and shame. I’m sorry that my lack of communication about sex might have left you confused and alone. I’m sorry I did not help write this story on your heart. You were always worth being uncomfortable for, and I’m sorry we blew it. Will you forgive me? As parents, we are still growing and learning what it looks like to be Kingdom-minded. Is this an area where we can grow together?

It’s never too late, friends!!

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