*This post is apart of our “Dear Friend” series. These letters have all been written by women who want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle*


Dear Friend Who Is Being Abused,

You are not alone.

Any form of abuse is devastating, tragic and wrong! I want to speak particularly to emotional abuse.

I have struggled and am struggling with both recognizing and stepping away from enabling the manipulation and control that make up this monster. A monster that hides beneath and is “defended by” even our own “beliefs” at times.

It is confusing and exhausting, especially when the evidence isn’t physical, yet just as insidious and damaging.

Jesus has shown himself faithful by speaking to me about who I am and my true worth, teaching me to educate and think for myself, and giving me the courage in the face of fear and confusion to see clearly, speak clearly and stand firm. This seeing, speaking and standing– is also messy, confusing, and exhausting. It is a process.

But there is more grace, mercy and love in the tension than you can ever imagine. He has called me out among the waters, into the great unknown and is fighting for me – and if God is for us, who can be against us?


Dear one, you are not crazy. If you needed to hear that, you know who you are. You feel it in that deepest secret place that only you know. WAKE UP!

Dear Friend Being Abused, you are not alone!

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