*This post is apart of our “Dear Friend” series. These letters have all been written by women who want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle*


Dear Friend Struggling With Infertility,

You are not alone; I myself have struggled with infertility.

All the counting days until your next cycle, wondering if every flutter you feel in your belly is the answer to your dreams, the ache when you see the mother with her pregnant belly, the mother holding her chubby faced baby. Wondering if when your friend announces that she is pregnant, you look happy enough for her. Because you really are happy for her, but you feel like everyone is watching you to see if you are going to break. You don’t make eye contact with those you think are watching because you don’t want to see the “poor you” look in anyone’s eyes because it will be the end of you.

The poking, the prodding and all the doctor’s appointments. The medicine that makes you crazy and the stress it all puts on your marriage. Your marriage bed has gone from intimacy to systematic, temperature-taking, day-counting, and schedule-keeping sex.

All the Hannah prayers going up to God that you think are going unanswered. The wondering what sin you are being punished for and feeling guilty for all the bad decisions you ever made, surely this must be a punishment.

Wondering if your husband can really love you the way other husbands love their wives, because these women have shown their ultimate strength as they championed through the laborious pain of child birth.

You are not alone, I have been there. Jesus has shown Himself faithful to me, not by opening my womb, but by blessing me with beautiful children through adoption.

Once we made the decision to walk away from our fertility treatments and adopt, I felt ultimate peace.

I have championed through my own sort of labor pains as I waited faithfully for the Lord to place our children into our home. While our road to our family is different than the traditional road, it is still 100% my family and I have never looked back.

I am praying for you who reads my letter, that the Lord will open your womb, or that He will make his path very clear to you and ultimately grant you a peace that surpasses all that we can understand.

God sees you and he loves you and he hears your prayers and he knows the deepest desires or your heart and he will meet you where you are and He will bless you more abundantly than you can ever ask or imagine.

Dear Friend Struggling With Infertility, you are not alone!

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