*This post is apart of our “Dear Friend” series. These letters have all been written by women who want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle*


Dear Friend Struggling With Divorce,

Oh the frustrations and heart ripping emotions of divorce, please know that you are not alone!

You thought he would stay forever, but instead he left, leaving only betrayal and a message that you are unlovable.
Sometimes you hide beneath your covers, with shattered confidence, crying endlessly. You don’t really sleep because you are not used to being alone with only silent walls to keep you company, and when you do sleep, you wake up lonely. Sometimes you yell at the top of your lungs because it hurts so much. Sometimes you feel like you are going crazy because you behave in ways that only emotionally unstable people act.

You never thought you would lose control like you have now. When you go to church, you sit in the balcony, hoping no one really notices you. You feel embarrassed. You feel exposed. You feel judged. And thinking about the future only depresses you further. What upstanding Christian man wants a divorced thirty-year-old? How will you pay the housenote on the new house with only your income? Will you have to find a second job? What will you do with all of your free time now? All of your friends are married and have busy lives of their own. How will you ever live in this same town with him and her? Will you ever find your restarting point?

The answer to all of your questions resounds in one name; God.

Divorce is like a dark tunnel, sometimes very long, and the end seems that it will never come. Please don’t think that through the darkness you have to wear a smile. It’s okay to feel the hurt, the anguish, the loneliness, the fear, and the worry. After all, you are mourning the death of one flesh made from two. Though it may feel as though you are alone, that no one really understands, Jesus does.

Divorce can deplete your self-esteem, cause you to doubt that anyone can love you, but God does. In the midst of your sorrow and seeking normalcy, God offers words of comfort and peace through His Word.
For the broken-hearted, Psalms whispers gentle truths which calm your anxiety and carry your mind from the troubles at hand. This biblical book speaks a different kind of tenderness to those who face the challenges of divorce. And though it may seem that God is far away, dear friend, He never leaves you. Never.

Don’t be afraid to fall on Him with all of your suffering, for He does have answers in time. When God is ready, He will give you new opportunities and revelations.

Until then, know that it’s okay that everything is falling apart, but that God is with you to pick up the pieces. God has not forgotten you. Trust Him. You are His forever, and He doesn’t break His commitment to you.

Dear Friend Struggling With Divorce, you are not alone!

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