*This post is apart of our “Dear Friend” series. These letters have all been written by women who want you to know that you are not alone in your struggle*


Dear Friend Struggling As A New Mama,

You are not alone.

I know you. I know the struggle of loving this baby so much, but wanting more than two hours without having her demand your presence. I know the insanity that comes at 2am when you have to feed again and you feel like you just fell asleep. I know the resentment that comes when you are feeding that sweet love of yours, and your husband lies undisturbed in his peaceful dreams. I know the loneliness that comes during the day while your husband is at work, and at night as he easily falls asleep. But your job is never done. I know you so well these days because I’m feeling these same things.

You are not alone.

You are like every other new mom, exhausted in every way possible. But there is hope. He or she will sleep one day for just a little longer, and sweet friends will show up just when you need them to sit with the baby while you shower.

Our God made Mama’s just for this. We survive, my friend. And we thrive as we do it. Keep going. One moment at a time. That sweet baby smile will come eventually. She will recognize your face soon, and the misery fades so quickly.

You are loved and you were picked out especially for this child.

Dear Friend Struggling As A New Mama, you are not alone!

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